Club Policies

 Gymnast Code of Conduct
  • All gymnasts should respect their fellow gymnastic club members
  • All gymnasts are to train in suitable gymnastic attire
    • Girls: Leotard with/without shorts/leggings/T-shirt
    • Boys: Shorts & T-shirt
      • No loose items of clothing, strap tops or hoodies during training
  • Gymnasts are not allowed to wear any jewellery during training sessions, displays or competitive events
  •  Hair
    • All gymnasts with long hair are required to have hair suitably tied back during each training session (this includes all long fringes)
  • Gymnasts are to behave in an upstanding manner and bullying & swearing will not be tolerated at any time
  • Any illness or injuries should be brought to the attention of your coach
  • Gymnasts are encouraged to arrive on time for each lesson
  • All equipment and apparatus should be treated with respect
  • Gymnasts should not leave the gymnasium at the end of their session until collected by their parent/guardian
  • Gymnasts are to train barefoot unless there is a medical reason prohibiting them from doing so (Coaches are to be made aware of this before warm up)
  • Gymnasts should never train or work on equipment without a qualified coach present
  • Upstarts Gymnastics cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Ensure items of clothing are named
  • Gymnasts should respect their coaches and any decisions made
  • Gymnasts can approach the Welfare Officer if they have any concerns or wish to speak confidentially to a coach
  • Gymnasts must not eat or chew gum during any session
  • Gymnasts
    • If you do not follow the Upstarts code of conduct, your parents may be contacted and your membership suspended or revoked

 Parents Code of Conduct

  • Parents should encourage their child to learn the rules and participate within them
  • Ensure your child is fit to take part in gymnastics activity and inform coaches if your child has any illness
  • Ensure your child is appropriately dressed for their class (also see Gymnast Code of Conduct for suitable attire)
  • Due to the nature of physical activity taking place within each lesson, make sure your child has a drink with them in a closed top drinks bottle
    • NO FIZZY
  • Drop off and pick up your child promptly at each lesson
  • Parents are to ensure that all gymnasts have used the bathroom before each lesson to minimise class disruption
  • Parents are expected to ensure that all payments are made on time, or incur a £5 late payment charge
  • Ensure your child does not bring any valuable items to their lessons
  • Ensure any changes of contact details are kept up to date in writing
  • Parents should discuss any worries or complaints at a convenient time (Beginning/End of sessions) or via Email or Telephone
  • Parents should promote good sportsmanship at all times and support your child’s involvement
  • Parents are invited to attend any display events or competitions
  • Respond to any information from the club quickly and familiarise yourself with any club information
  • Whilst in the gymnasium, every effort will be made by the coaches to ensure the safety of each gymnast therefore, we would ask you to respect the coaching techniques and decisions made by the coaching team

 Coaches Code of Conduct

  •  Develop an appropriate working relationship with gymnasts based on mutual trust & respect
  • Consider the well-being and safety of all participants before the development of performance
  • Display high standards of behaviour and appearance, dressing suitably and not using inappropriate language at any time whilst involved in Upstarts activities
  • Hold the appropriate, valid qualifications and insurance cover
  • Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part and that all participants are suitably prepared mentally & physically when learning new skills
  • Report any incidents/disclosures immediately, following the appropriate guidelines set out in the BG safeguarding & protecting children policy
  • Never wear jewellery at any time apart from the exception of a wedding band
  • Promote fair play and encourage pride in performance
  • Never consume alcohol or take drugs before or during training or events
  • Obtain prior agreement from parents/guardians of gymnasts before transporting to events or training
  • Maintain integrity and ensure confidential information is not divulged unless approved by the individual concerned
  • Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Never have a performer stay over at a coaches house
  • Proactively work as part of the coaching team striving for the same goal. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Follow all guidelines laid down by British Gymnastics and Upstarts Gymnastics Club

British Gymnastics Equality Policy

 Click on the following link to read the British Gymnastics Guidelines regarding Equality within the club: Equality Policy

Safe Guarding & Protecting Children

All of our Coaches have been DBS checked for their suitability to work with children. Each coach has under-taken and attended a Safe Guarding & Protecting Child course.
Click the link to view our policy: Safe Guarding & Protecting Children
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