Mandatory Yearly BG Membership

This fee is renewed each September and is non-negotiable and is valid for the whole year. 

This fee ensures registration with BG and Upstarts Gymnastics.
By registering with BG, the Gymnast is then covered by insurance during the training sessions and attendance during any competition which they take part in which is run in accordance with BG.
Every October the Yearly fee is:

Parent and Toddler:

Every 1st March
Upstarts Admin Fee:

All Members:

£ 11.00
£ 11.00
£ 17.00


Monthly Fees

Upstarts requires you to set up a standing order and will issue you with the appropriate form for you to fill out and sign and take to your bank.
We run sessions for 44 weeks per year, please see Term Dates for Holiday periods
Parent & Toddler: 
1 Hour session: 
75 Minute session: 
90 Minute session: 
£ 18.05
£ 19.96
£ 20.00
£ 22.00
£ 24.00
If a gymnast wishes to train more than once per week then the monthly costs are: 
Two x weekly sessions which total 2.5hrs - 3hours: 
£ 45 PCM


If Upstarts has to cancel any session due to particular circumstances, such as extremely bad weather then a refund is NOT given (for reasons stated above).
This reduces time, effort and costs for not having to arrange refunds.
If a gymnast misses any sessions due to illness or holidays, no refunds will be permitted.
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