As a not for profit gymnastics club Upstarts must rely on donations to continue to grow and develop for the benefit of our gymnasts.
However as a community we also wish to raise money for charity to benefit others.

Raised Funding

March 2016

Sport Relief: 
A big thank-you to everyone who attended our in-house competition for allowing us to raise money for Sport Relief this year.

£ 321

Received Funding

October 2014

Sport England:  
Sport England have granted us just over £72,000 towards our Facility project in Hathern.

£ 72,000
March 2013

Leicestershire & Rutland Sport:
A big thank-you to Leicestershire & Rutland Sport for the donation to go towards Boys Gymnastics Equipment.

£ 1,500
September 2012

Sport England: 
We would like to THANK Sport England for their grant of £10,000 which have bought some much needed and very important gymnastic equipment to further develop and educate our gymnasts.

£ 10,000
May 2012

Shepshed Community Forum: 
William Colton Youth Trust: 
A Massive thank-you goes to the Shepshed Community Forum. Out of 17 projects, Upstarts Gymnastics came 9th and received £1,712 to go towards a new set of Uneven Bars.
Also a thank-you to the William Colton Youth Trust who have given us £569 to go towards those Uneven Bars.

£ 1,712
£ 569
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